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brighter days

Winter is a strange place. Each year it takes me by surprise. At the end of the gardening season I'm usually tired and sun-soaked (though last year we were just soaked), and I think, how nice and cozy these dark

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autumn harvest

We had a sweet potato scavenger hunt on my birthday this year (September 30), and I think we started a new tradition. They grew so well and generously, and it was so much fun to uncover piles of treasure in…

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Dispatch from cosmic carrots

sweet friend,

we’ve spent several months in darkness and wish to tell you what we’ve learned:

you’re not the seed you used to be.

you’re one of a kind, surrounded by ones of a kind.

be kind.

if others have…

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Delighting in dirt

When I started seeds in egg cartons last March I simply needed to see something grow. I didn’t imagine they’d feed us for months to come, nor the joy I’d find rooting around in the dirt.

As I prepare the…

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May tidings

Warmth is a short season here in Vermont. When mud wanes in late April and the earth tilts us back toward light, it’s as if a lid lifts and all of us trapped butterflies flutter from our jars. Where just…

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