1. Miracles

From the recordings Let It Breathe and Let It Breathe


Everybody wants a miracle
But we don’t believe in them
So we all pray for miracles
And we all get depressed

Oh god it’s not that I’m not grateful for everything that you give
It’s just that I was expecting something more than this

Because we asked for a miracle
But we got our lives instead
We wanted something superior
And this isn’t what we meant

Maybe I need to be more specific with my requests
In which case, god, I have made you a list
Of a few things, so here it is

First of all - I want Tom Petty to call me
And invite me out on the road
I want to play the Royal Albert Hall
I want Leonardo DiCaprio in the front row

After the show I want to invite him backstage
To ride my fancy rockstar bus
And we can do it all night with a clear conscience
Because my bus will run on love

And when it’s time to go back to California
You know air travel really freaks me out
So I will apparate like Harry Potter
And ride a rainbow down from the clouds

And when I land there will be plenty of clean water
And everyone will have enough food
All the homeless will have homes
And god that means me, too

Because while I’m thankful l for my friends
I am tired of their couches
I want my own bed
In my own house by the ocean

I want to fall asleep first try
I want to wake up feeling great
I want good man by my side
And sunlight on my face

I want to be naked all the time
Without feeling ashamed
I want to speak what’s on my mind
Without feeling afraid

I want money in the bank
Or better yet no money at all
I want everyone to have all they need
Oh but I want to have all I want

And I want it now
And if it sounds like I’m being selfish
That’s because I am
You know, god I cannot help it

I want a pet unicorn
I want to understand infinity
I want to always be warm
I want my MTV!

And of course I want world peace
I want everyone to feel safe
But that doesn’t seem like a miracle to me
That’s just barely covering the bases

We need you to step up your game
And show us all you got
You’re competing for our brains
With a whole hell of a lot

Like viral videos of kittens
And sociopathic politicians
Cranky twitter critics
And some stupid shit on Netflix

God I want to believe
In what I can’t see on a screen
God I want to receive
Something bigger than my dreams

Yeah, I really want a miracle
And I know I’m not the only one
Because everyone is so irritable
And nothing’s good enough

We’re counting on a miracle
And if I had to pick just one
We don’t need a big spectacle
God just grant us love