From the recording Boys & Eros

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He brought me lilacs in a jar
I placed them by the window’s light
But lilacs don’t last very long
And he said he was leaving before they’d even died
There ain’t nothing good ’bout goodbye

His words sank in slow and deep
Pressed against my head like hands in the wet cement
Before they dried I had no time
To pretend I didn’t know what he meant
There ain’t nothing good ’bout goodbye

Just as earth becomes dirt, love becomes hurt
As soon as you let it inside
I sweep the floor and strip the sheets
But now I can’t see the bed without seeing sides

My feet are like ice and my tears are the mice
That gnaw all around the pipes to get in from outside
’Cause like the reflection of light on a wet road at night
You are always on my mind
And there ain’t nothing good ’bout goodbye