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  1. The Rain Is Gone

From the recording Boys & Eros

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He was like an earthquake
And she was like the rain
Every hole that he made
She would fill up again

He made his share of mistakes
And every time she forgave him
Until the day finally came 
When there was nothing left worth saving

She said, “I’m no longer coming down from these clouds”

Of course he didn’t expect
The sudden change of events
He had seen the forecast
It was supposed to rain again

But this time the predictions were wrong
He woke up one morning and found the rain gone

You were not a bad man
But you tried to keep me captive
After all that happened
I can’t afford any more sadness

So I’m no longer coming down from these clouds

Because this time your predictions are wrong
You’ll wake up one morning and find the rain gone
Yeah, one day you’ll wake up and notice the rain is gone
You can keep on breaking, there’s no use waiting for her song