From the recording Boys & Eros

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I watch a drop of water
Cling to the faucet
And immediately my thoughts flow to you
I poke it with my toe
And away it goes
Like a dream without hope of coming true

With a twist of my foot
I turn the water back on
To rinse away the chill and refill with hot
And as it rushes out
I am burned by the spout
Like a dream that’s turned bitter with misuse

By now most the bubbles
Have fizzled into puddles
Hissing as they melt out of view
And my dizzy head
Thinks only of bed
Like a dream I’m too tired to pursue

I pull out the plug
And stay in the tub
Until it’s drained the whole way through
But still there’s a drop
Caught at the faucet
Like a dream that will not be refused

I leave it alone
In honor of my hope
As I reach for a towel, worn and blue
I tried my best
To wash you out of my head
But I guess I’m still dreaming about you…

Now nice and clean
I crawl into my sheets
My wet hair smells of shampoo
And as it soaks my pillow
I think only of my fellow
Yes, tonight I’m gonna dream about you