1. U

From the recording Boys & Eros

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U, U, U, U, U
Aren’t there any other letters that are left?
Of all the ones that I could use, U is still the one I choose
Cause U, U, U, U, U – you are the best

U, U, U, U, U
You flow so freely as I sit here at my desk
It’s as easy as ABC, but a little more like LUV
When U, U, U, U, U – you’re in my head

U, you are my favorite syllable
Without U “pleasure” is impossible
Some say it’s just a silly phase
But “you and I” is my favorite phrase

True, True, True, True, True
I truly mean each of these words that I have said
Before your name had reached my tongue I already knew you were the one
Oh U, U, U, U, U – you’re my whole alphabet