From the recording Boys & Eros

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Winter in the city is a bullet in the gun
Nothing makes the barrel spin like being locked out of love
My heart’s as numb as winter fingers missing gloves
’Cause in the mitten of your world, babe, I am just a thumb

You could never fit me in, but you found room for her
Said I deserved better, but better is nothin’ but a word
Like the sun I tried to melt my way into your love
But in the mitten of your world, babe, I remain a thumb

With knuckles white like the light that shines off the snow
I pull my sleeves over my skin, tough and leathered from the cold
It’s no consolation that warmer weather will come
’Cause I’m a victim of your cool babe; to you I’m just a thumb

© Laura Meyer, 2007