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  1. Fake

From the recording Been Here Before

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I look at these boys
With their guitars and their songs
They sound just like yours
They sound just like you
Just like you do

Oh but they’re only boys
And their guitars are just toys
They can’t play them like you,
No, they only fake it
They make pretend they are you

Oh and they aren’t as good as you
Because they’re only faking
And if anyone could ever fake it…
Well it would be you

I play your records inside my room
And I can’t help believing that the words, they are true
Even though I know you are faking
You fake it so good

You smile for the camera and when the light hits your eyes
No one could guess that even those are a lie
But beneath those baby blues
I’ve seen the red break through

And I confess that for one night I’d play the fool
And take what you say as the god honest truth
Because even when you’re faking
You make me feel so good

Oh and they’ll never make it – not like you could
Cause they’re much too honest and who wants the truth?
Yeah, tell me, who could want the truth
When she could have you
Who could want the truth
Now that she has you?

© Laura Meyer 2010