We’re all called to life. Some hear whispers, some hear wails. Others must decipher the cries of a chorus. My calling was clear. 

I heard it in the back seat of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ “Runnin Down A Dream.” It swelled and sighed through Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced? and trickled slowly as I plunked through The Beatles’ “Blackbird.” It screamed with euphoria when I followed Phish as an otherwise melancholy teen, and while at first you might not detect these influences they’re all here: love, freedom, rebellion, mysticism, sorrow. Unusual fingerpicking, quirky melodies and nonstop touring. All clues to the unraveling of my great life’s question.  

How to connect to the source of all?

Music was my portal and since stepping through I haven’t stopped moving. Whether wandering cobblestone streets or savoring the silence of twelve-hour desert drives, traveling helps me maintain contact with my call. It requires me to be more alert and present with my experience. It's how I write my songs. 

It’s also my service. Town by town I carry the energy of these places to others in song. I’m part pollinator, part anthropologist, part poet and part sound healer. Every city, a flower to love. Every stage, a treasured nest, a pause between flights across the great blue sky, the source of life, that which surrounds and animates everyone and everything. 

Next year I’ll play my 1000th show and the call is as sweet and clear as it's ever been. Wings wide, heart open, I thank you for hearing my song. In it I hope you hear yours too. 

- Cygne