From the recordings Let It Breathe and Let It Breathe

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I’ve got a string to the sky
I’ve got a string made of light
That stretches to a bell up high

When I need help I ring
My little bell and when it sings
My spirit goes dancing through the night

I’ve got this string, my silver wings
I’ve got everything I need to fly

I’ve got a string to you
You’ve got a string to me too
And if you ever need a thing, don’t fear

Because we’ve got strings to the stars
We’ve got strings from our hearts
No matter where you are I’m here

We’ve got these strings, we’ve got these wings
We’ve got everything we need to fly

If you ever need a thing just tug
And remember you’re protected by love
If you ever need a thing, remember you got a string
In the giant web connecting all of us