From the recording Close to Home

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She don’t belong to anyone but she hopes to belong to me
I spent a lot of time writing between her sheets
If you hold her up to the light you will see what it says:
To love you gotta lie in someone else’s bed

And then after a while you’ll recognize what is true
You’ll take what you have learned and bring it back with you
Finally you’ll see just who belongs to whom
She’s got my ink on her body - now my words move when she do

And longing doesn’t feel so good
Once belonging has been known
And longing is the sentence
I’ve written on her soul

I’m ready to amend it, these scars have almost healed
There’s room left for new letters to rewrite how I feel
Or maybe it’s how she feels, it’s hard for me to know
When I’m burrowed in her flesh it feels so close to home

Home, that was the promise
I hope to soon make good
I don’t belong to anyone
If I could you know I would

Belong to her forever, belong to her right now
It’s hard for me to remember there’s no difference anyhow
But I don’t belong to anyone and she don’t belong to me
Sometimes I get jealous because I sleep best in her sheets

But she don’t belong to anyone
She belongs to everything
If I can’t have it all
I’ll settle on this peace