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  1. Stay At Home

From the recording Close to Home

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Don’t go to Los Angeles looking for success
They’ll take all your money, your honey, and your friends
Don’t go to Los Angeles, they’ll take all they can get
And if you try to leave you’ll see you’ve got nothing left

Don’t go to Manhattan looking for a job
Looking for true love, or anything you want
Don’t go to Manhattan, they have no use for you
And even if they did, man, there ain’t any room

Stay at home, what do you need
When here at home, baby, you’ve got me

If you go out looking for something that you lack
Every time you find it you’re gonna have to give it back
So hide out in the country if you feel the need to roam
Hide out in the country, or better yet stay at home

Stay at home, here with me
Stay at home, babe, we got everything we need
Got no reason to leave
Stay right here with me