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  1. Dungeon of Love

From the recording Close to Home

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You’re leaving again, baby, what can I say?
What can I do to make you delay
Your leaving forever, your leaving for me?
You know that I love you, baby, so why can’t you see?

If you try to go, I’m gonna lock you up
And keep you here in my dungeon of love

Whatever your reason, it’ll just have to wait
This door has no key and it’s not gonna break
I know that you’ll like it – just give it a while
Beneath all that duct tape I can see that you’re smiling

I’m just trying to do what is best for us
And you belong in my dungeon of love

Hold still a second – I’m just trying to get close
Baby, stop squirming, you’ll get blood on your clothes

You’re looking real pale now – you seem kind of cold
But baby, don’t worry, I got a remedy for mold
Yeah, I built you box and you’ll be safe inside
You can stay here forever – even after you die

Yeah, I’ll stack you alongside the other ones
Count yourself lucky man you made the cut
My collection sure is filling up
And you’re my favorite in my dungeon of love