From the recording Been Here Before

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An empty motel and nothing to eat
11:30 is too early to sleep
An empty bed and a broken TV
Just salt and pepper and I need something sweet

An empty motel that I’d like to leave
Don’t know where to go without me
So I lie here empty and I try not to think
With a bible and a couple of drinks…

And I try to guess
Who the hell this Gideon is
And what’s he doing in my drawers
When it could be you instead

An empty motel – it’s a quarter to three
A few more hours and they’ll come to clean
An empty bed with a burn on the sheets
From a heavy head and a couple of missing feet

And I lie here in my mess
Listening to the pigeons
Yeah, I lie here – I confess
I don’t know what my religion is
But if I had just one just guess
I’d put my bet on my emptiness

© Laura Meyer 2010