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  1. State Of America

From the recording RISE UP!


The whole state of Kansas smells like shit
Nothing personal, it’s just the way that it is
The state of Kansas and Oklahoma, too
Amarillo, you know, I don’t have to tell you

It smells like shit and it’s obvious why
Got miles and miles of big brown eyes
In miles and miles of big brown piles
Clogging Midwestern skies

Full of shit, full of shit, we pretend we cannot smell
All this shit because who wants to admit it’s coming from themselves
Full of shit, full of shit, it’s getting hard to breathe
When you take a hit from your inhaler you find it’s getting weak

So roll up your windows, roll up to Sioux Falls
Covered with foam over six feet tall
Carrying the shit and pesticide sludge
Out of the fields and into our lungs

America, are you constipated? Is that why you’re so mean?
No reason to be ashamed about it, it must be something you eat

Full of shit, full of shit, the whole world wants to know
How long we can go on like this before the whole country explodes
The government is full of shit, the White House and Wall Street
As long as we eat what they serve, we are what they feed

And we’re full of shit, full of shit, from New York to LA
No, it ain’t just in the Heartland, we’re all licking it off their plates
Full of shit, full of shit, I’m starting to feel sick
America, America, I think you’re full of shit

© Laura Katherine Meyer, 2014.