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  1. Acedia

From the recording RISE UP!

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I get really high, I get really low
Got more from my family than this nose

Sometimes I’m hot, sometimes I’m cold
Mostly I worry about the state of my soul

Oh there’s more to me, there’s more to you
There’s more to be than what I do

I talk really fast, I walk pretty slow
I got nothing to say, don’t do much anymore

’Cause where there was a tree there now is hole
All of these leaves got no where to grow

Oh there’s more to me, there’s more to this
There’s more to you than what I miss

There’s more to me, there’s more to go
There’s more to life than what I know

God, are you angry? Are you sorry I came
To waste a good life? Why don’t you take it away?

’Cause while I’m not all that bad, I’m not always nice
I don’t know what’s wrong but I know I ain’t right

And there’s more to up, there’s more to down
There’s more to love than what I’ve found

There’s more to fast, there’s more to slow
The more I live the less I know