brighter days

Winter is a strange place. Each year it takes me by surprise. At the end of the gardening season I'm usually tired and sun-soaked (though last year we were just soaked), and I think, how nice and cozy these dark

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autumn harvest

We had a sweet potato scavenger hunt on my birthday this year (September 30), and I think we started a new tradition. They grew so well and generously, and it was so much fun to uncover piles of treasure in…

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summer tidings from vermont

Hello friend,

It's been a wet summer here in VT, as you probably know. Even before this flood, Jasper and I picked strawberries while carefully tiptoeing around thousands of tadpoles swimming in the field. Frogs are everywhere, including our second-floor…

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Dispatch from cosmic carrots

sweet friend,

we’ve spent several months in darkness and wish to tell you what we’ve learned:

you’re not the seed you used to be.

you’re one of a kind, surrounded by ones of a kind.

be kind.

if others have…

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Delighting in dirt

When I started seeds in egg cartons last March I simply needed to see something grow. I didn’t imagine they’d feed us for months to come, nor the joy I’d find rooting around in the dirt.

As I prepare the…

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May tidings

Warmth is a short season here in Vermont. When mud wanes in late April and the earth tilts us back toward light, it’s as if a lid lifts and all of us trapped butterflies flutter from our jars. Where just…

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Figuring it out


Nine years ago this month I was riding across Rajasthan, watching the sunset streak purple over dry, dusty hills and recovering from dysentery. I throw that last bit in so you won’t feel jealous — unless you’re into housing a…

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Staying fluid when life is hard

Just now I was thinking about the proverbial glass half-full vs. glass half-empty. As I prepared dinner and put the kettle on the stove, I had a thought I’d never thunk before, one which, now thunked, amazes me with…

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More than a cathedral, Notre Dame is a container for our collective soul. Regardless of faith or nationality, she has been the receptacle for millions of our prayers, dreams, and meditations. She has inspired our poems, art, and imaginations. She…

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Current inspiration: Mary Oliver

I Worried 
by Mary Oliver 

I worried a lot.  Will the garden grow, will the rivers 
flow in the right direction, will the earth turn 
as it was taught, and if not how shall 
I correct it? 


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